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SMART Exchange FAQ

What countries does SMART Exchange support?

A: SMART Exchange supports 48 different countries in 23 languages. To see a full list of supported countries, click the flag in the top-right corner of the site. Clicking on any flag in the list will allow you to visit SMART Exchange in that country or language.

Does the country/region chosen on SMART Exchange influence the resources I'm searching?

A: Yes. Each of the supported countries has local resources organized by subject and grade that are appropriate for that region. If you would like to search for content across multiple countries you can expand your search by selecting countries from the drop down menu under 'current search' on the search page.

What do my colleagues need to know about SMART Exchange?

A: SMART Exchange is a one-stop destination designed to provide teachers with access to all of SMART's learning resources and the opportunity to connect with colleagues in a professional community. Custom-designed searches save time by delivering relevant results and a full visual preview of all SMART Notebook files, so teachers can easily evaluate a lesson before downloading it.

Does SMART Exchange include content created by teachers, publishers and SMART?

A: Yes to all three. SMART Exchange includes resources submitted by educators from around the world, top educational publishers and SMART – making it the best location to find learning resources.

Will educators need to sign in?

A: Yes. Site membership is free, quick and easy and allows teachers to upload or download learning resources. Site membership provides access to all of the resources on SMART Exchange and allows you to connect with educators from around the world. Site registration is only complete after you have received your email and clicked on the link within it to validate your account. If you have not received your email please ensure that it is not in your spam filter or being blocked by your school network. If you have not received your email within 3 hours of registering contact support.

How do I update my account information?

Your account information on SMART Exchange can be updated in several locations. Email addresses and passwords can be changed through our SMART account manager on You can find the account manager here. If you have forgotten your password you can retrieve it by hitting the forgot password link on the SMART Exchange log-in page.

After I share content, can files be edited or updated?

A: Yes. Once you have shared a file on SMART Exchange, it can be found on your My Resources page. You can access your files to edit, delete or replace them at any time.

Is there a maximum file size for uploads?

A: No. Sharing is not restricted by file size, however performance can be affected by the speed of your Internet connection. We recommend sharing files sized 10 MB or smaller.

Which file types can I upload to the site?

A: We currently support the upload of SMART Notebook files, SMART Table Activity packs, 3D content, SMART Ideas files and PDFs. We are looking into supporting more file types in the future.

Is SMART interested in my comments or feedback concerning SMART Exchange?

A: Yes! The SMART Exchange team welcomes your feedback at

Which Internet browsers and operating systems does SMART Exchange support?

A: The SMART Exchange supports the following browsers and operating systems:

Firefox Internet Explorer Chrome Safari
Windows XP 10+ 7, 8 23+ 5
Windows 7 10+ 8, 9 23+ 5
OS X 10+ 23+ 5+

Where do I see the Terms of Use for the content I download or purchase?

A: The Terms of Use for premium content are accessible in multiple places on the SMART Exchange website, including the details page of the item, the bottom bar (footer) of the SMART Exchange and in the "Accept terms" portion of your cart. Before you can check out, you are required to agree to the Terms of Use.

Is there a minimum checkout amount?

A: Yes, our current minimum checkout amount is USD 4.95 (not including taxes) due to transaction fees. If you are not at the minimum checkout amount, you can keep browsing to find more premium content. Use the "Go to premium resources" quick links on your cart or see the main SMART Exchange home page to find additional premium resources towards meeting the check out minimum.

What countries are supported for the eCommerce feature?

Currently, the eCommerce feature is available for the United States only. From all other country sites, the United States can be added to the Countries/Regions area of the search filters. This will allow the premium content to show in your search results and create a cart for checkout. ECommerce content from other locales and the ability for publishers to upload content in languages other than English is planned for the future.

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